Cécile Ravel

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  • \\ May 2011

    ÊTRE L’ÎLE-EXIL Exhibition

    This exhibition is the result of an artistic residence in ESBA Réunion (Réunion Art School) which took place in april and may 2011, within the Research structure on landscape. The displayed works (installations of drawings, rayograms and videos) question the … Read more

  • \\ march 2008

    Le Jardin de Jessé – Traverse video 2008

    Exhibition and performance-projection at  the Ostal de Occitània during the Traverse-Vidéo “Être/devenir” (Being/Becoming) Encounters in march 2008. Ostal de Occitània 11 rue Malcousinat 31000 Toulouse Traverse Vidéo Lycée des Arènes 4 place Émile Male, BP 3003 31024 Toulouse cedex3, France … Read more

  • \\ february 2005

    Le Jardin de Jessé – 2005 Corbeil-Essonnes Biennal

    Installation at the 3rd Contemporary Art Biennal of Corbeil-Essonnes, 1-15 february 2005. Commanderie Saint-Jean, 24 rue Widmer, 91100 Corbeil-Essonnes, France Société d’Art de Corbeil Essonnes +33 (0)1 60 89 12 15

  • \\ october 2004

    Le Jardin de Jessé – l’Art est ouvert (Art is open) 2004

    Installation and performance-projection during the “Art is open” show in 2004, in the Ancient House of Justice of Saint Cyprien (Dordogne) in partnership with  Athéna Association, Dordogne ADDC and Aquitaine FRAC, october-november 2004. ADDC Espace Culturel François Mitterrand Place Hoche … Read more

  • \\ october 2001

    Verdures Méditerranéennes – Nevers, Maison de la Culture 2001

    “Verdures Méditerranéennes” exhibition with Jean-Marc Manteau, Maison de La Culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre, october-november 2001. This exhibition was supported by the Nevers MCNN, the City of Nevers, by Confluences, by the Province of Burgundy FAS and FIV … Read more

  • \\ august 2001

    le Jardin de Jessé – Hédé Théâtre de Poche Festival

    Installation at Hédé city dining hall. 2001 Théâtre de Poche Festival. Théâtre de Poche Place de la mairie 35630 Hédé, France