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  • \\ 2013

    Musical film short for Joseph d’Anvers’ “Les cicatrices” (“The Scars”)

    A musical film short for French singer Joseph d’Anvers in order to promote his future show “Dead Boys”, based on Richard Lange’s novel. The show will be mixing texts read and accompanied on the guitar with original songs such as … Read more

  • \\ 11 décembre 2011

    Exîle (Sète) – 13th Festival des Films Expérimentaux et Différents de Paris

    Exîle (Sète), experimental documentary is screened in the “Cooperative members” program during the 13rd Festival des Fims Expérimentaux et Différents de Paris, the 11th december 2011, in Les Voûtes, 19, rue des Frigos, 75013 Paris, France 13 th Festival des … Read more

  • \\ 25 septembre 2011

    L’Eau, l’air et les songes – Centre Pompidou

    L’Eau, l’air et les songes, experimental film is screened at Centre Pompidou, for the 40 years of the Collectif Jeune Cinéma “CJC: 40 ans de collectif!” Program “Dépaysements” 25 september 2011 at 2 PM Centre Pompidou 75191 Paris cedex 04 … Read more

  • \\ April - may 2011, Le Port - La Réunion

    Artistic Residence in ESBA Réunion

    The Research structure on landscape in Réunion École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts guests artists whore are invited to conduct a research on the Reunionese landscape within artistic residences at the Dos d’Ane Center. I wanted to connect the experience of island … Read more

  • \\ Tuesday 24 january 2012

    L’Eau, l’air et les songes – Festival Les Inattendus 2012

    L’Eau, l’air et les songes, experimental film will be screened at Élysée, at 7:30 PM during the 2012 Les Inattendus Festival 14 rue Basse Combalot, 69007 Lyon Association Les Inattendus BP 1117 69202 Lyon Cedex 01 France

  • \\ Wednesday march 7th 2012


    Plume, experimental documentary on anorexia will be screened at Lycée des Arènes, Toulouse Wednesday march 7th at 1:30 PM, during the 15th Traverse Vidéo Encounters, “Faut voir”. Lycée des Arènes, 4 place Émile Male, 31000 Toulouse Traverse Vidéo Lycée des … Read more

  • \\ May 2011

    ÊTRE L’ÎLE-EXIL Exhibition

    This exhibition is the result of an artistic residence in ESBA Réunion (Réunion Art School) which took place in april and may 2011, within the Research structure on landscape. The displayed works (installations of drawings, rayograms and videos) question the … Read more

  • \\ 11 november 2011

    3 movies selected at the Milano Super 8 Film Festival

    Carnet de Notes 2006-2007, Plume and L’Eau, l’air et les songes are in competition at the Milano Super8 Film Festival, the 11th, 12th and 13th november 2011 Milano Super 8 Film festival Cine-Teatro San Andrea Via Crema 22 Milano Italie … Read more

  • \\ 19 novembre 2011

    Plume – Invideo 2011

    Plume, experimental documentary on anorexia will be screened at the  XXIst  Invideo Festival, Video and alternative cinema Festival, devoted to “Shifting distances” (“Distanze variabili”), saturday 19 november 2011, international selection, at Oberdan Spazio, Milan, Italy. Invideo AIACE (Associazione Italiana Amici … Read more

  • \\ 13 november 2011

    Carnet de notes 2006-2007 awarded in Milan

    Carnet de notes 2006-2007 in competion in the Milano Super 8 Film festival 2011 is awarded with the first prize. Maurizio Nichetti, president of the jury motivates his choice with the following statement: ” A moving film that manages to … Read more