Cécile Ravel

\ Publications

  • \\ mars 2008

    Le Jardin de Jessé. Se fonder cinématographiquement

    Catalogue Être/devenir, Rencontres Traverse/Video, march 2008. Text by Simone Dompeyre (in French only)

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  • \\ september 2009

    L’Art spatial et graphique de Cécile Ravel

    Bref Magazine, N°89, sept-oct 2009, text by Raphaël Bassan (in French only)

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  • \\ october 2005

    Nomadism of images and sounds

    27th Festival du Film Méditerranéen de Montpellier  2005 catalog-  Expanded cinema performance. Text by Cécile Ravel

    Multiple screening is not only  a way to free oneself from the tradition of the single screen but also to give a new significance to the luminous screen, nowadays such an omnipresent and commonplace medium .

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