Ccile Ravel

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L’eau, l’air et les songes (Water, air and dreams)


film super 8 on video

10 mn 07

The film starts with small electroacoustic shapes created by Jean-Marc Manteau, exploring the substance of breath, that of water as well as that of the act of walking. From then on, five small filmic shapes keep exploring these same elements surrounding my daughters as they stroll along the sea shore of Sète and Frontignan. "Dreams" spring from the impression of their bodies and faces, moving figures suspended between the sky and the sea.The image becomes a flaky substance which desintegrates into the grain of the super 8 film, into the texture of the scarves, of the waves, of hair and of the clouds. With Maria Trutin and Margot Trutin. Music by Jean-Marc Manteau. Distributor: Collectif Jeune Cinéma